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Actos Class Action Lawsuit

Since the type 2 diabetes drug Actos was linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer in 2010, Actos patients nationwide have been filing lawsuits against Actos-maker Takeda Pharmaceuticals to get financial compensation for their injuries.

So many patients have come together in their fight against Takeda that injured patients by the hundreds have come together in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) against the Japan-based company. While many consider a class action to be the gold standard in mass legal collaborations, it is not. To receive the most substantial and warranted settlement, an MDL is often the best way to fight a big company as a group yet reap large settlements based on individual case merits.

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Class Actions versus MDLs

When most people talk about a lawsuit involving a large number of people who have been injured by a company, they usually immediately think of a class action. However, a class action isn't always the best way to sue a large corporation.

A class action is a legal action filed on behalf of a large amount of people. This allows the group of plaintiffs to combine their resources and sue. When plaintiffs join a class action, they typically forfeit their rights to sue the company as individuals. Usually, there is a single trial and single settlement, which is divided among all member of the class. That is, every member of the class is entitled to the same monetary disbursement, regardless of the extent of injuries or damages.

In an MDL, there is no single trial that decides how much the group of plaintiffs receive. Instead, all of the cases are consolidated under one federal judge, and the plaintiffs' resources are shared during the discovery and pretrial phases. Attorneys share investigative information and other documents pertinent to the case. Once the early processes are completed, each plaintiff's case is heard in a trial, or during settlement talks, for individual financial compensation. That means that plaintiffs who have more severe injuries receive higher amounts of compensation.

Why Private Lawsuits are Better


Overall, claimants who hope to get the best financial settlement for a stable future should consider a private lawsuit. In this one-on-one court proceeding, a plaintiff sues a company alone based on the individual situation. Such a claim has several advantages, including a quicker payout and more control over the case. Another thing to consider is that a private lawsuit will allow for individual consideration on the specifics of your case. This means that your Actos injuries would be reviewed in a more methodical manner in a courtroom setting and could garner you a stronger financial outcome than other court proceedings.

Overall, it is important to remember that finding the right approach to the legal system is paramount to your best outcome. In both an MDL and a private lawsuit, it is important to find the best law firm that will guide and help you toward an equitable outcome. The best way to make this crucial decision is to contact one of our expert attorneys who will examine all the pros and cons. This way, you secure a financial future for yourself and your family.


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